Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'Liv in the Bubble

Life in the bubble is always exciting. Starting this week, a human throng takes over campus. Except they're fun-sized? Teen Extreme has begun. Hello cat-calls and spilled milk.

Meanwhile life at the company goes on as normal. I give people junk mail. Please don't judge me. I get paid for it! We recently trimmed hundreds of brochures because a genius decided to make them too large for the envelope to be mailed in. Well thought.

Algebra 1 continues to conquer me. Three part linear inequalities make my life miserable. So do further applications of linear equations involving percentages of acid solutions and solving for the liters and/or the percentage you're supposed to end up with.

Peace Out from
***In the Bubble***

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  1. Make sure you post often! I love hearing what you have to say, so glad you can "journal"!!! Miss you!