Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

My father once said, "Happiness is not in your surroundings. If you can't be happy where you are now, then you'll never be happy anywhere else."

A sweet, elderly church lady taught my sunday school class. Her husband died this past year and she was speaking to us about life, happiness, and love. Her husband's last words were these: "Make the best of every situation."

As reality dawned, the lack of his presence must have been so lonely. Her life was rearranged. She needed to re-learn how to live without her husband.

I cannot imagine sharing my life with someone--laughs and sorrows--and watching him drift home without me.

Yet somehow, God brought peace and happiness to this lady. The class was silent as she spoke. Afterwards, many young ladies personally thanked Mrs. W.

Although we may not like this time period in our life, God placed us here for a reason. Mrs. W affected lives in that Sunday School that may not have been touched by any other lesson.

Maybe your job is boring. Maybe your school is strict. Maybe your home-life is less than perfect. REthink your perspective. If you cannot be happy at this point, if you cannot make the best of your situation . . . then despair in discontentment. There will always be drama, heartache and problems; however, how many times will you be able to change another's life through those? This is your day to make someone else's, take advantage of it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Singing in the Rain

Tonight was a rainy night.

Dressed in black.

Three friends ran (with wild abandon) through the flooded streets.


Shrouded in a canopy of darkness.

The sky flaming with lightening.


Arms overhead.


Pavement underfoot.


And I was one of them.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Stellar quotes from either myself or friends.

"I am the rock in the shoe of life." ~ Me.

"You're like the twin towers and I'm the pentagon!" ~ H. (its what I get for being tall)

"What is not thine is somebody else's." ~ Myself.

"It's like going to Hooters for the chicken!" ~ G. (I don't approve this one!)

"Its my coffee graveyard; hot cocoa, chocolate milk, lots of coffee, and tons of sugar! Otherwise known as a heart-attack in a cup (eye twitches for emphasis)." ~ Me.

"Lets all do the samba!" ~ K.

That's all folks. The noggin can't handle anymore thinking at 23:00.
in the Bubble.