Thursday, May 31, 2012

Peter and Us

Have you noticed how hard people are on Peter in the Bible?  He was impulsive, reactive, and one of the most vocal of the disciples.  Personally I admire the man.  He said things that everyone else was thinking but didn't have the guts, or stupidity, to say it.  He is also known for his rejection of Christ three times in a row.

I feel for Peter.  The times I've rejected Christ in my lifetime . . . I have no place to judge the man.  Your friends listen to music with filthy language, do you flip the radio station?  How about those trashy movies, do you say anything in complaint?  Maybe you have one or two friends where you know you can cuss your head off and they'll only laugh. 

The only difference between Peter and yourself?  You don't hear the rooster crow . . .

Monday, May 14, 2012

Modern Day Christianity

Have you noticed how lax our christianity has gotten? Sin is no longer sin in our churches, schools, and even relationships. I guess it's okay now to shack up with your boyfriend during the week and then go to church on the weekends and sing about God. Or you know, we cant judge gays because we need to love them instead. Even affairs are seen as okay in churches because of 'following your heart' or 'renewing high school romances'.

These things are open abominations to Christ. He has said over and over in His word how much he hates these things! Not only do these things destroy the Christian witness, but they also destroy the person doing them. God knows us. He knows our nature, and made rules in the Bible to protect us from destroying ourselves.

But do what you want. After all we can't be caught judging . . . It's cool to be tolerant, right?